Film enthusiasts with a mission

We are film enthusiasts. In our young digital area, traditional analogue films are an important archive. But knowledge of film is lost over time. While there is so much film available, traditional methods of viewing film are lost. It is like finding a library full of books, but no-one is able to read.

We make old films visible again

Our goal is to make old films visible again at the best quality. We would like to provide film products that can be operated by this generation. Easy to use filmscanners, which deliver great digital output. Our products are designed and manufactured to be reliable, durable and future proof.

Client focussed

Clients use our products on a day-to-day basis, to digitize their archive or their customers’. For that all our products must be reliable and profitable. We work together with the best suppliers to deliver at the highest standards. We as passionate innovators together with our clients and suppliers we invent new products or improve our existing products.

Our clients have exclusive access to an online wiki support manual. Via this support page, we try to keep knowledge of film available to this generation.

We are film enthusiasts with a mission

Challenging standards

We like to challenge standards. We constantly improve products and deliver that service to our existing clients. Based on the feedback of our clients, we are able to upgrade the software and functions of our scanners. Our suppliers challenge us with their knowledge of materials. If standard film products are not available at the required quality, we will do it ourselves. Examples are the FilmFabriek film reels for Super8, 16mm and even 9.5mm Pathé.

Lean processes

Our very lean business model keeps costs low, but quality high. We carefully selected our partners based on costs, quality, and most important fit. In everything we do, we look for the highest available quality at the best price. If possible, we use standard available industrial products. And if not, we develop these parts together with our partners. Our constant focus helps us to achieve a very competitive filmscanner.

Updates on: white papers

We will update this part with technical references or white papers about the different types of film, frame-by-frame scanning, and other topics. If you would like to share your knowledge, send us a message and we will share it here.

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