To achive the best result, wetgate scanning is required. FilmFabriek is the only one to offer wetgate for all formats, including 8mm. With wetgate scanning, old damaged film will look like fresh film again! Wetgate was available on many telecine filmscanner. For archives and clients who require the highest quality, wetgate scanning is a must-have.

When a scratch or vertical line in the film emulsion is filled with fluid, light will travel through the film with less refraction. This results in less visibility of damaged parts of the film.

We use standard film cleaner, Isopropanol 99.9%. The high percentage of alcohol ensures that the fluid will evaporate before it winds up on the reel again. We advise the room to be sufficiently ventilated when working with wetgate for longer periods of time.

Our wetgate solution is very simple and cost effective. We advise to scan at about 8-12 frames per second when using wetgate.

Sprocketless transport

The Muller HDS+ is equipped with a complete redesigned sprocketless transport system. Because film can shrunk over time or sprockets can be damaged, a continuous motion transport is required. This is the best way to be able to digitize different types of films. Even today not all scanners are equipped with a sprocketless transport system.

Also we developed a unique tension control sensor which will monitor the tension during scanning. The tension can be adjusted during scanning.


All our scanners are practically maintenance free. Eash part is of industrial quality, and built to last (like film!). There are two parts that need replacements due to wear.

  • Wetgate rollers, 1 or 2x per year.
  • PTR rollers, 1 or 2x per year.


Integrated in all scanners is the RGB Led solution and software from Cine2Digits.

The hardware system comprises of a high power RGB LED lighting head with pulsed lighting power equivalent to around 350W, mated to a microprocessor controlled precision power driver. Included is a trigger sensor and Neodymium magnet.

A custom software application specifically designed for film capture with ability to provide on-the-fly RGB gamma correction and more complex functions for live colour negative processing.


  • Adjustable colour balanced lighting to match every film type, including colour negative;
  • Maximum dynamic range from the camera sensor;
  • High speed flash for continuous transport system;
  • Integrated capture solution with manual or real time automatic exposure control;
  • Capture to 8 or 16bit still frames or direct to AVI in RAW or HQ Bayer conversion, in RGB uncompressed format or with a CODEC of choice;
  • Live histogram, Colour Matrix and real-time RGB gamma controls;
  • Adjustable framerate;
  • Adjustable aspect ratio. Presets for 8mm and 16mm


We train our clients to operate the machine within a few hours. Changing formats between 8 and 16mm takes about 5 minutes of preparation (focus camera on emulsion, adjusting laser position for perforation holes). It takes one minute to mount a new film. Press ‘record’ on computer software and start scanning.

The Muller scanner can handle all available 8 and 16 mm reels. Only original 9.5 cassettes need to be rewind on a standard 16mm reel.

Processing time
A 15 minute 8mm film will take appr. the following processing time:

  • Mounting the film: 2 minutes
  • Scanning whole film at 18 fps: 15 minutes
  • Scanning whole film at 30 fsp: 9 minutes

Change formats
How long does it take to change the film format (from 8 to 16 or from 16 to 8 etc.)?
It takes 2,5 minutes in total: change filmgate 30 seconds, change transport rollers 30 seconds, change camera extension tube ring 30 seconds, adjust laser 30 seconds, focus camera 20 seconds.


Auto restoration is very easy with our included software. Powerful dirt removal will make the film look much better. Stabilization can be added if required. Especially with 8mm amateur films, this will enhance the viewing experience. And the best is that no special kowledge is required to operate the software.


  • Dirt removal
  • Stabilization
  • Sharpening
  • De-graining

This software comes exclusively with the Muller HDS+ scanner and is without charge. The software is not sold separately.

Job control system
With our Job Control System, multiple restoration jobs can be run overnight in different schedules.

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