FilmFabriek presents 2017 model of the archival frame-by-frame scanner at NAB – visit us at booth SL10730

At the NAB in Las Vegas, FilmFabriek presents the latest version of their renowned frame-by-frame scanner. The HDS+ film scanner is used by archives and scanning companies worldwide to replace their telecine scanner. In 2016, FilmFabriek was awarded top-10 best innovative company of the Netherlands.

We will demonstrate the 2017 model with the latest innovations:

  • Frictionless XL archival rollers for all formats (8mm, 16mm 9.5mm Pathé) to digitize damaged, brittle or otherwise lost celluloid archives
  • Real-time auto LED-levelling to utilize the full dynamic range of the sensor to give lower noise, less banding and more detail in the shadow areas
  • Motionless tension controllers
  • 8mm magnetic sound head (16mm optical and magnetic also available)
  • Low noise external amplifier
  • Reversal film scanning mode

FilmFabriek scanners have been sold all over the world. Customers include The Internet Archive and Yale University in North America; Haghefilm Digitaal in Amsterdam; Switzerland’s Archive de Lausanne and Cinegrell; Filmfabrika in Moscow; Norway’s Filmtek AS, ZERO i U (Spain); Studio Multimediale (Italy) and Retro Enterprises (Japan).

Standard features of the scanner are:

  • Wetgate module, to fill the scratches and vertical lines in the film emulsion
  • Sprocketless transport for all film, no restriction on shrunken film
  • PTR rollers to remove dust and dirt
  • Modular camera setup (2k, 4k, etc.)
  • Archival film gates (full film scan, including sprockets and sound track possible)
  • Zoom lens to capture each format at full resolution

If you are in Vegas, I hope to meet you at our booth SL10730.

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