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FilmFabriek is not a nerdy company, but we are proud to be passionate about what we do and who we work with. Our engineers, sales and support consultants are part of a unique business in reconstructing and improving image quality in historical and archival film into a new highly digital world.

We are a dynamic team of professionals, who have fun in what we do. Every day we learn from our clients, film professionals and our suppliers. We use this knowledge to create software solutions and hardware products for the analogue film market. Founder and director of FilmFabriek is Leon Joanknecht MSc.


FilmFabriek is the Dutch based high-tech manufacturer of filmscanners and film related products. Already more than five years ago we started as a two partnered start-up based on the experiences of telecine and frame-by-frame scanning from the Dutch professional Daan Müller. With continuous growth, innovation and happy clients we grew to a private limited company. Our team of passionate professionals come together in our office in Breda.


Our Support Consultant are standby to offer professional support for clients whenever it is necessary. Support is available regarding our filmscanner and our software as well. Existing cliënts can login on this page and get the manual on our wikipage.

Our clients are happy to share their experiences

Our clients are all over the world and offer services with our Muller HDS+. See a small selections of their experiences.

Fenno Werkman

Dutch professional film music collector (The Netherlands)

“I am a experience user of many film scanning devices. For my archive, I was looking for a frame-by-frame scanner with some must have requirements.

First, the scanner should be sprocketless. Because I have many old films which are shrunken, I would not like to work with sprockets. These would harm my films and in worst case would not be able to scan the films. Also I have many 8mm films. The quality of these films strongly varies. Sprockets can be damaged, bad splices, shrunken film. In my opinion, only a sprocketless system is able to capture 8mm films.

My second requirement was wetgate scanning, I am experienced with wetgate scanning. Most of my digitized films are used for professional broadcasts. With wetgate scanning, I am able to achieve the best quality. Most of the dirt and scratches are removed, which significantly increases viewing experience. Dirt and scratches are very distractive in the image. Wetgate also improves overall colours. Colours become more vivid and clear. No digital trick can do the same.

Lastly, I transfer a lot of film. The scanner needs to be reliable, low maintenance, versatile and easy to operate. FilmFabriek was able to match all these requirements!

Keep up the good work and guys, I hope to see you next time at North Sea Jazz!!!”

Alex Kink

Digital Treasury Group INC

“We’ve been running the scanner from 07:30 – 20:00 Monday to Friday plus about 10 hours over the weekend for the past 3 weeks and the performance is nothing but stellar so far. Very impressive indeed.”

Goran Puric

Director Foto Mayer (Switzerland)

“I am very happy with the Muller HDS filmscanner  and have found no errors so far. Sound is at the 16mm very good (all magnetic sound). Magnetic sound is relatively difficult to assess because the films were quite old, however, I am so very happy.

Picture quality is really super! Dynamic range of the camera is very good and the automatic correction of brightness and white calibration should very comfortable. The image stability is no problem since there are no gears. The Restoration software can enhance the image quality again noticeably and the image additionally stabilize (only 5% image loss). Since we can scan the films to the edge, the border  loss in the stabilization is hardly noticeable.

So I can only recommend the Muller HDS+ because there is pricewise no better alternative on the market. It is my opinion the Muller HDS+ from FilmFabriek is the best device on the market.”

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